Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How about a Tribecards Group Break!? Buck-A-Box!

Just  to clarify: these are boxes of cards, not cases.  There are 36 packs of Sportflics, 8 packs of A&G, 16 (total) packs of Bowman, and 24 packs of Heads-Up.  I apologize for any confusion.

Update #2 - Change of plans for non-sport/no-team cards: I have an offer from Mark A regarding non-sports and non-current teams.  I have accepted the offer, so he will receive the non-team cards from this break (basically, this applies to the A&G break).

If you have PAID and you do not wish to participate because of this change, please let me know and I will take you out of the break. Thanks!

I am ready to bust open some wax! How about you!?  Here is what I'm offering up here: A Buck-A-Box group break.  I recently won/bought five (5) unopened boxes of baseball cards.  Here's the rundown:

One (1) 1988 Sportflics Box
One (1) 1990 Topps Heads-Up Box
One (1) 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter Box
Two (2) 2011 Bowman Boxes

I am offering a buck-a-box group break. Here's how it works: You send a gift through PayPal to davidinark over at yahoo with a dot and a com.  How much of a gift?  Well, that depends on which team(s) you pick!  If you pick a team that did not exist in 88 or 90, then you play for just $3.  If you pick a team that appears in all five boxes, then it's $5.  That's it, too.  That includes all shipping, packaging, etc.  I'm basically doing my version of an "El Cheapo" group break!  You get ALL the cards for your team - base, serial, game-used, autos, doubles, whatever!

Actually, let me list the break gift by each team:
  • $3 - Arizona Diamondbacks - Greg Z (PAID)
  • $4 - Atlanta Braves - Capt Canuck (PAID)
  • $5 - Baltimore Orioles - Kevin (PAID)
  • $4 - Boston Red Sox - JackPlumstead (PAID)
  • $4 - Chicago White Sox - Jeff L (PAID)
  • $5 - Chicago Cubs - Matt P (PAID)
  • $5 - Cincinnati Reds - JoeC
  • $3 - Cleveland Indians - Hiflew (PAID)
  • $3 - Colorado Rockies - Hiflew (PAID)
  • $4 - Detroit Tigers - JoeC
  • $3 - Florida Marlins - Matt P (PAID)
  • $5 - Houston Astros - Dimwit (PAID)
  • $5 - Kansas City Royals - Matt F (PAID)
  • $5 - Los Angeles/Anaheim/California Angels
  • $4 - Los Angeles Dodgers - Greg Z (PAID)
  • $5 - Milwaukee Brewers
  • $5 - Minnesota Twins - Matt F (PAID)
  • $5 - New York Mets - Paul H (PAID)
  • $5 - New York Yankees - Kevin M (PAID)
  • $5 - Oakland Athletics - Nathan (PAID)
  • $4 - Philadelphia Phillies - Dan (PAID)
  • $4 - Pittsburgh Pirates - JoeC
  • $5 - San Diego Padres
  • $5 - San Francisco Giants - Matt R (PAID)
  • $5 - Seattle Mariners - Ryan C. (PAID)
  • $4 - St. Louis Cardinals - Alec (PAID)
  • $3 - Tampa Bay Rays - Greg Z (PAID)
  • $5 - Texas Rangers - Matt J (PAID)
  • $4 - Toronto Blue Jays
  • $4 - Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos - Ryan C. (PAID)
  • $3 - Non-team cards/non-current team cards (negro leagues, hoaxes, etc) - Mark A (PAID)
Notes: not all teams appear in the 1990 Heads-Up set, so I deducted a buck from the teams not appearing.  If a card features more than one team and every team on the card is taken, I'll flip a coin - winner gets the card.  Any unclaimed teams will be put into a pile and randomly distributed among the group break participants (excluding myself).  Other "rules" (such as they are) may be drawn up if/when needed.

Why $3 for the Indians?  Because if you choose the Indians, you and I are splitting the bounty!  I will put all the Indians that I do not already own into a list and Random.org will decide who gets what.  The only time I will interfere is if it chooses to give one person doubles.  At that point, I'll use a highly scientific method to determine what happens (that usually involves a coin).  Plus, if I already own a pulled Indians card, you get it. Period. Merry Christmas!

What ya gotta do: send the gift to me (davidinark@yahoo.com) and be sure to tell me your address and which team(s) you want.  Teams will be handed out first paid, first dibs. If you want more than one of the bulleted teams above, please make sure your gift covers all the teams you want.  You can also leave a comment on this post to let me know if you intend to participate. I will put your name by your team(s) but everything is fair game until I receive payment.  If two people pay at the same time for the same team before I can update the list, only the first person to pay will count, and I will refund the other's money or give them a chance to pick another team or teams.
 Come on down for the Buck-a-Box Group Break!!  The break should happen on or around June 4th!

*and if you've learned anything by reading about my previous breaks/giveaways, you know there are bonus items of some sort.


    1. I'm in for the Mariners and Expos/Nats. Would you like an extra dollar or two for shipping to the Great White North?

    2. I'll sign up for the Rockies and I'll be your Indians partner as well.

      Paypal on the way.

    3. I'll take the Braves... thanks Dave.

      paypal coming...

    4. Looks like fun! I'd like the Giants. My PayPal got hosed up so I'll need to get it fixed (or just make a new one).

    5. Dodgers, D-Backs, and Rays por favor. Payment being sent in a matter of seconds. Or minutes. I'm slow like that.

    6. I'll take the Royals and Twins. Sending payment now.

    7. I'll take the Rangers. Payment sent.

    8. I just emailed you a proposal. Please consider it and get back to me.


    9. Okay, I have everyone to the Rangers (Matt) posted. MattR, you can send a check if you want or PayPal, which ever you like. I trust ya. :-)

    10. I'll take the Cardinals, and I'm sending you the payment now. Thanks!

    11. Mark, I replied. Alec, gotcha covered! Thanks! And, thanks to everyone for paying so quickly! Wow!

    12. I'll take the White Sox, just sent a payment.

    13. Just sent a payment for the Orioles!

    14. Jeff and Kevin - got 'em! Thanks!

    15. I'll take the Phillies...thanks! Payment on the way...

    16. Put me down for Cubs and Marlins. Payment will be sent shortly.

    17. Got ya - Phillies, A's, and Cubs/Marlins! Thanks folks!