Wednesday, October 7, 2009

September JoeCollector Break Cards

For no good reason whatsoever, I had not posted these cards yet.  So, I figure this is a good time to do it!  These are the cards I won from IamJoeCollector's monthly group break in September.  He busted a box or so of ICONS and of Topps Finest and the coolest card of the bunch is the Kelly Shoppach LETTERMEN patch card:

It's a manufactured patch, but it at least LOOKS like it could have been cut from an Indians uniform.

Also for no good reason I could think of at the time, I signed up for the "Expos, Senators, Nationals" team in addition to the Indians for his group breaks.  Looking back, it is one of the best decisions I've made in a while, I think.  I have yet to come up empty-handed and some of the cards I end up with are not bad at all. 

And, there was a reason, actually.  I never seem to have enough Nats to go around for giveaways, so this was a way for me to accumulate some...

Of course, the real reason I jumped in on the group breaks was for the Indians cards!

I ended up with some doubles, so those will be, er MIGHT BE, tossed in to someone's trick-or-treat bag this year!

I am thoroughly enjoying the group breaks!  Way to go Joe!

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