Saturday, October 24, 2009

Trick or Treat and Random Packs

Wow, I had no idea it has been nearly a whole week since I last posted.  Life has been keeping me pretty busy lately! Some bloggers out there will read this and say, "Well, if you had the passion to post, you wouldn't let that happen."  And to them I say, "pbtpbtpbt" in the vein of spitting raspberries. :-)

I am preparing the Trick-or-Treat packages to go out this week, and here is the list of victims for this year's endeavor:

  1. Baseball Dad
  2. Mark's Ephemera
  3. gcrl
  4. AlbuqwirkE
  5. Duane
  6. dayf
  7. Erin
  8. Rod
  9. The Diamond King
  10. White Sox Cards
  11. Brian
  12. night owl
  13. Collective Troll
  14. madding
  15. AdamE
  16. SpastikMooss
  17. Bo
  18. Dave R
  19. TheJaw
  20. JustinB521
  21. TSHenson
  22. PunkRockPaint
  23. Thorzul
  24. Don
  25. WickedOrtega
  26. McCann Can Triple
  27. Flyinloco
  28. FanofReds

I also owe a couple folks some random packs, and those will go out this week too.  My deepest apologies for not getting those this past Monday as I had said!


  1. I never understand how you find the energy to do stuff like this! Perhaps one day I'll pull an Indians relic/auto worthy of everything you've sent my way!

  2. LOL, it's part of the fun! I'm just glad there are folks out there who actually like to participate!

  3. Thank you ahead of time for the Trick or Treat giveaway. I always look forward to cards that you send my way and always appreciative of them.

  4. Just received my Trick or Treat pack today. Nice selection of Tribe cards, I didn't see any tricks, just Treats! ( love those 75" minis :) )

    Thanks David.