Sunday, October 11, 2009

Coincidence? Decide for yourself...

I was out of town for the past several days, though I had created a few scheduled posts so things wouldn't lie dormant for too long.  I have to admit, I like scheduled posting.  This is not one of those.

After I returned home, I had a package from BaseballDad.  When I opened it, I found a white insert-holder with the following written on it:
I wasn't in the blogosphere last year at halloween so I hadn't thought of blogger "tricks."  This pack was made up BEFORE your "Trick-or-Treat" post.  As Ripley says, "Believe it or not" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! (yes, verbatim!)
And then I began to reveal the cards.  It did not long to detect a pattern.  See if you can make it out (click on the photo to enlarge it):

So, did you see it?  I was "Alomared" in BaseballDad's own special way.  Every other card was a Steelers card!  How cool is that!? 

Oh, what?  You mean that WASN'T the "coincidental trick??"  Are you telling me that the trick WASN'T a stack full of Steelers card to an Indians/Steelers fan? 

What do you mean?  Are you saying that not only did he send every other card as a Kenny Lofton, but it was the SAME Kenny Lofton card? 

I just want to know if dayf put him up to that!?

As an aside, there are some very cool Steelers cards in there!  This was something of a trick AND treat!  THANK YOU very much, Baseball Dad!!  This was a lot of fun!  My wife laughed when I started showing her the pile of cards.  Well done.


  1. This had been planned for a while.4-6 weeks ago when I received the big box of 1200 Indian cards,there were 99 of those Studio Loftens in it.Right then the wheels were turning!I wasn't around for the dayf ordeal but I have heard mention of it.I've just been too busy to get it together and out to you.At the time I wasn't thinking Halloween,it just kinda' worked out that way!! I'm going to be a little wary of opening the next package from you! You know,some people are all up in arms about "poor" card designs ,licenses and the hobby dying.Some of us just like to collect cards and have some FUN!!

  2. Amen to that! I am all about having FUN in collecting!