Thursday, October 8, 2009

Max strikes again!

I received a package from Max in the mail the other day (well, a few days, really).  I had to do a double-take because he just recently sent me some cards.  Sure enough, they were from him with a note stating, "these should have been in your last package..."

HOLY SMOKES!  These are very cool inserts and parallels of some GREAT Tribe players: Lofton, Belle, Carter, and a whole slew of Murray.

And then, just for fun, Max tossed in a 1957 Topps Gene Woodling!  Man, this was another great surprise from Max!

Thanks a bunch for some VERY noteworthy Indians!


  1. Cool cards! I like the blue-bordered,Eddie Murray SP checklist. Oh,be careful opening any other packages this week. Trush me!(trush-my word verification)

  2. Yeah, I see what you mean by CAREFUL! LOL!