Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tradin' with Spiff

Spiff had sent me a request to do a Rangers/Indians trade, and I was all for that! In fact, I have lots of cards from nearly every baseball team, so if anyone wants to trade me Indians for their favorite team, shoot me an email (davidinark (at) yahoo -dot- com). Once I had my Rangers in order, Spiff sent me a want list and I went through it as best I could, pulling as many cards from the years he wanted as I could find. I have no idea how many cards he ended up with 100 or more, maybe?

A few days after I had his cards ready to ship out, I got a box from him with TONS of Tribe cards, including stickers and oddballs. There is a stack of 1988 Panini stickers, some 2005 Turkey Red, 1993 Ted Williams Series Larry Doby, 1990 Fleer Award Winners Greg Swindell, Upper Deck cards from several years, Donruss, Topps, 1992 Topps Gold Thome, a cool round Indians logo sticker, Score cards, T95 Old Judge, 2008 Topps including Cliff Lee from nearby Benton AR, Pronk cards, Upper Deck "Baseball Assistance Team (BAT)" Sam McDowell, and 1977 Pepsi disc Rico Carty.

I'm looking forward to taking all my recent trade treasures and adding the ones I need to my database! Thanks to Spiff and all the folks I've done trades with recently!

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  1. Thanks for the trade as well. I enjoyed the cards you sent and several holes were filled in my Rangers collection.