Thursday, May 15, 2008

Indians Uniform Number 9 (Part 2)

This is a short post today, but at least you get to see some more players who sported the Number 9 jersey for the Tribe. I'll post more this weekend!

George Banks - 3 seasons (1964-66) - This George Banks should not be confused with the the "other" George Banks (wikipedia ref)! Banks wore Number 9 his first year with the Tribe then switched to #14. While wearing #9, he made 17 plate appearances, scoring 6 runs on 5 hits with a double, 2 home runs, and was walked SIX times and striking out six times... He ended his season with a career-high .294 average.

Glenn Myatt - 14 seasons (1923-1935) - The Indians didn't issue uniform numbers until 1931, remember. But once they did, Myatt was #9 all the way. He was born in Argenta, Arkansas, which I had never heard of. Good reason... It is now part of Little Rock, just down the road (okay about 100 or so miles down the road) from my house. He was a catcher, though in 1925, he played left field for one game. During his career as a Triber, Myatt had 638 hits on 2,317 at-bats and scored 319 runs. Not a big home run hitter (37 during his Indians days), he still managed to bring in 353 RBIs with 126 doubles and 33 triples. He only struck out 159 times while playing for Cleveland (that is only 7% of his at-bats!). He left the Indians batting a Tribe-career average of .252.

Herman Reich - 1 game (1949) - Yes, you read that correctly. In 1949, he played for the Senators, the Indians, and the Cubs, and then left major league baseball for good. In his single game with the Tribe, he had two at-bats. He got a hit and a walk, netting him a .500 average. He was born in 1917 and according to, he is still living!

Jamie Quirk - 1 game (1984) - Hmmm, seems to be a pattern developing here. Quirk came from the White Sox, smacked the ball out of the park (the game-winner in fact) for the Tribe, then went to Kansas City. He had a 'perfect' 1.000 average for the Tribe. He is also the only player that I know of that played for the Tribe whose last name begins with a "Q."

Jason Dubois - 1 season (2005) - Dubois made 45 trips to the plate for the Tribe. Of those, he struck out 25 times (that's over 55% - ouch). He did get 10 hits with 6 runs, two of which were homers. He left the Tribe with a .222 average.

Jerry Kenney - 1 season (1973) - Kenney batted in only five games his final season in the majors. He came to the Indians from the Yankees and had 4 hits on 16 at-bats (2 RBIs and a triple). He did not strike out at all while wearing a Tribe uniform, which helped him leave baseball with a .250 season.

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