Friday, May 30, 2008

Old News, but still... and an update

Call me hard-headed, but I still have Atlanta Cards in my favorites and it is still listed on the right in the "Places I Frequent" list. Yes, I know Rocco posted a farewell message back on May 6, but I still visit every so often hoping to see a "I'm Back!" post. Until then, I wish him well his new baby! Sometimes, we have to swap one 'hobby' for another! :-)

Well, I finally catalogued all the latest cards I've received through trades and eBay etc, and it turns out I needed quite a few! Awesome! Some of the cards filled sets I've been trying/meaning to fill and others filled sets that I didn't realize I hadn't completed! Go figure. Still, I had a nice selection of cards that started new team sets. As of today, my non-duplicated Indians collection numbers roughly 7,017 (that number does not include items that are not in the database...YET!).

And, for those keeping score, I will have the last of the Uniform Number Nine posts up this weekend. I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before: Create posts with the players' names for several jersey numbers ahead of time, but save them in Draft mode. Then, work on the list(s) as I am able to from anywhere with Internet access. Sounds simple, right? Makes perfect sense, right? Guess that's why I hadn't thought of it before... In the past, I always did my posting from ONE computer because that's where my database of players and numbers resides... Hopefully, 'drafting' will help me kick out the jersey posts a little quicker... :-)

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