Friday, February 29, 2008

What do they have in common?

Here is an extensive list of players. They all have something in common (hint: it has nothing to do with Indians...):

Luke Easter, Charles Nagy, Rich Yett, Dave Clark, John Farrell, Gary Gaetti, Tony, Gwynn, Mark Kiefer, Quinton McCracken, Fred McGriff, Gus Polidor, Bobby Thigpen, Roberto Machado, Torii Hunter, Ray Durham, Willy Taveras, Johnny Vander Meer, Mark Portugal, Danny Graves, Jose Rijo, Josh Barfield, Bob Johnson, Steve Finley, Charles Johnson, Orlando Cepeda, Omar Vizquel, Jeremy Giambi, Dom DiMaggio, Kenny Lofton, Juis Gonzalez, Rick Monday, Steve Karsay, Tony Pena, Todd Zeile, Joe Torre, Mike Piazza, Art Howe, Frank Viola, Marcus Thames, Mel Stottlemyre, Scott Sanderson, Reggie Taylor, Taylor Buchholz, Kyle Abbott, Juan Salas, Rocco Baldelli, Terrell Wade, Travis Lee, Casey Candaele, Craig Biggio, Donald Harris, Julio Franco, and about that many other players once over again?

Need a hint? The answer is written all over their faces...

Yeap, you guessed it: They are each featured on cards while they are SMILING! Why would I show you a bunch of cards with people smiling on them? Because I received an email from Patricia whose daughter Lucy collects "players who are smiling" among other specific traits. Patricia's interests are more in baseball history, so some of the smiling faces are from days gone by! :-)


  1. I have a feeling she will not be collecting this card:
    let me know if you spot the error of the listing.

  2. I just don't see the error... LOL!

  3. I wonder how many Albert Belle cards she has in her collection. talk about a rare pull! lol