Saturday, February 16, 2008

All-Time Uniform Numbers Update

All-Time Indians Uniform #6 has presented a dilemma that I faced with uniform #2. That is, several players in the list have worn other uniform numbers in addition to the #6 (Bob Lemon and Jim Thome, for example). Now, because I am only 6 numbers in, and after a review of my previous choices (1-5), I have decided that in the fairness of choosing the BEST of a certain number, I will only take into account players wearing that number for the bulk of their career. For example, Lemon played most of career wearing number 21, while Thome is known for his affinity of wearing Number 25.

As I mentioned, I reviewed the Uniform Numbers 1 through 5, and #2 - Sewell is the only one that this system will affect to this point. Sewell actually wore the Number 8 more (2 seasons) than the Number 2 (one season). I am going to leave Number 2 alone, giving Sewell his earned place on the list. Purists may ask that I put an asterisk on his selection, but he was chosen before this updated selection method was put into place, and therefore, he shall retain his rightful nod at the All-Time #2-wearing Triber.

This may not matter one iota to anyone else, but I feel it maintains the integrity of what I am doing. In the end, I want to feel good about my choices, and I just can't convince myself that the "All-Time" uniform number should go to a player who only wore the uniform once in a multi-year career with the Tribe compared to another player who wore it their entire Indians appearance. Of course, I then have the challenge for players such as Billy Harrel, who played three seasons with the Tribe and managed to wear a different number every season. These guys couldn't make it easy, could they?

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