Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dover Reprints and a reply

I left the laptop that has my Indians Uniform database on it at the office (DUH!), so to keep my card collecting hobby (obsession?) going, I decided to wade through the cards I have yet to enter into my collection database. Things were going along smoothly until I ran into the two little guys you see above.

My regular readers know what a sucker I am for oddball stuff. Well, I have two specimens that I need some help with. These are Dover reprints, but there are NO date marks or anything on them. These cards are small (1-7/8" x 2=1/2") and have the familiar perforations of a Dover Reprint. These were obviously in some book of reprints, but I'm having trouble figuring out the date. Heck, I'd even take the date of the "original" cards that these were made from.

Anyone? Anyone?

Mr. Mosley (who supplied the two large stickers from my previous post) asked me if I was disappointed that he had cut the stickers apart (they were originally in a 4-up arrangement). My response is a hefty, "No way!" I am an avid Indians card collector, but I am not an avid "pristine condition" collector. In this specific case, the fact that they are cut down to their border size makes it MUCH easier for me to put them into one of my "Oddballs, Stickers, and Autographs" folder! :-)

To tell on myself, which also happens to show the lengths I will go to in order to make my cards more "collector" friendly than "prospective buyer" friendly, I recently won an auction for a 1934 Goudey "Batter-Up" Boze Berger card (the one I used for his picture in the Uniform contest). The card came in a PSA hard shell (graded PR-1, for those who collect graded cards). With a little elbow grease, I managed to get that puppy busted out of there, and now it will go into a 9-pocket page like 99% of my other Indians things. I like to "experience" my cards - touch them, turn them over in my hands, etc (though I did not actually 'fold it to make it stand up - I'm not quite THAT heathenistic(sp?)-LOL). Yeah, I could have left it in its 'graded state,' but that is not why I collect.

Some folks out there will keel over when they read this, and I can understand that. It's just not something I feel is a part of MY collecting endeavor...

So, the short answer is "No! I'm not disappointed at all that they were cut apart." :-)

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  1. 1933 Tattoo Orbit is the set those cards are reprinted from.