Friday, February 8, 2008

1990 Publications International Stickers (Large)

Some time ago, I posted a message about receiving a couple of padded envelopes in the mail (refresh your memory, if you'd like). One of these contained a large Joey Belle sticker and a large Luis Medina sticker. I had not seen these before, but was told they would be about 1989/1990. After poking around several resources, I finally came across the answer! According to the "Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, 2007," these are the large 4-panel versions of jumbo stickers produced by Publications International in 1990. There were two sets made: Hottest Players and Hottest Rookies. These shown, the ones from the envelope, are from the Hottest Rookies set. There were 56 stickers in each set, and the only way I knew which set these belonged to was because these are only listed in the Rookies set (whew!).

The stickers are identically laid out in each set: Player photo surrounded by white border, blue border at top, red border with name at the bottom. Players tend to "pop-out" of the white framing (see how the border goes "behind" Belle's right arm and Medina's bat barrel?).

I may have been the only person on Earth who needed to know this, but on the off chance there are others out there, now you know. :-)


  1. That's some impressive detective work. That is way more than I ever knew and I am the one who bought them.

    Are you diappointed I cut them out when I was a kid? I can't imagine them having any value, except to an Indians connoisseur like yourself!

  2. I just received two White Sox stickers from this set in a trade from Mr. Mosley. This information is needed and appreciated.