Friday, September 14, 2007

Lucky day for a box break

It must have been my lucky day, card-wise anyway! I had ordered a box of 1997 Score Indians Team Set/Tribe Collection cards from eBay. They arrived today, so at work, I busted the packs open. The stated odds on the box are 1:6 for a Tribe Collection (silver foil) card. The first pack I opened had the obligatory team checklist, and for whatever reason, I looked at the back. I had won!! TWO free admissions to Pinnacle's FanFest! LOL, yeah, okay, I would have had to have won about 10 years ago in order to cash in, but still, it was the first "winner" card from the set I had pulled!

Then, I went on opening packs, looking for the Tribe Collection cards I need to fill my set. One pack had TWO of the silver buggers stuck together, and I needed one of them for my collection! Super! A few packs later, and IT HAPPENED AGAIN! Two different silver cards stuck together in one pack, and I needed one of them! Holy Smokes! So, instead of finding the projected 4-5 cards in the box, I found 7! Lucky 7! LOL... Well, I enjoyed it, anyway... :-)

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