Thursday, September 13, 2007

1970 Topps Regular

One of the earliest cards I bought was the 1970 Alvin Dark you see here. I'm not sure what first drew me to the 1970 set. But looking at the cards now, it was probably their simplicity. The cards have nice, big player pictures. One thing I've noticed about a lot of cards (even card of the same time period) is that companies seem to like showing more of the CARD that the PLAYER! Isn't the point of baseball cards to show the collector who they players are!? Maybe it's just me...

One of my favorite players growing up was Graig Nettles, even when he left the Tribe. Of course, back then, I had no idea how great of a player he would turn out to be... He's a Hall of Fame player who is not is the Hall... I dunno, maybe it was the bat with superballs in it... Who knows, but he ought to be in the Hall, regardless.

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