Monday, September 10, 2007

1909-1911 T-206

I love the T-206 cards. Why? They are OLD, that's why! These cards are nearly 100 years old as I type this in 2007. I know there are cards that come from before this time, but for me, this has always been the "original" set. 150 cards made by cigarette companies to get you to buy more ciggies. No "Joe Camels" here, boys. Just good-old baseball players. :-)

I currently own four of the T-206 Cleveland team (shown below). I am not picky about my T-206's as far as condition goes. I figure if I can pick up some 100-year old cards for the cost of a current blaster box of baseball cards, I feel pretty good!

The Liebhardt was the first 1909 card I ever bought/owned. It's actually in pretty good shape, considering it *IS* 100 years old (well, close enough). I hope to eventually own a full team set of these.... In the meantime, enjoy!

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