Tuesday, September 18, 2007

1999 Upper Deck Power Deck

I had not heard of the "Power Deck" CD-ROM baseball cards before running across the Manny Ramirez that I now have in my possession. Many moons ago, I had "digital" baseball cards that were made by CyberAction (now, long defunct). When the '99 Ramirez arrived, I popped into my computer.

A slide show of sorts played, showing Manny in various batting and fielding positions, then came the menu. The first item to play was a video highlight reel. Very cool, though the 640x480 (or maybe 800x600, but I doubt it) resolution seemed like such a small viewing screen on my 19-inch wide LCD, but it was still cool.

In addition to the video, there were still pictures and a sampling of Manny Ramirez Upper Deck cards for 2000. The CD also had facts and other info about Manny.

This is a very cool, unique addition to my collection! Now, of course, the hunt is on for other Indians Power Deck cards (Ramirez is the only 1999 Indians).

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