Wednesday, July 27, 2016

PAD Circus - Pack 158 - Down to Our Last BoPack

Hello, everyone! Well, we are down to our last BoPack, courtesy of Bo Rosny. I debated whether I should open it or wait until some kind of special occasion. Seeing as how it was the pack randomly drawn from the box of packs, I figured there was a reason why here, why now. Let's see what's in store:

Pedro Astacio - Dosgers - Night Owl (Wahoo!!)
Ryan Khoury - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)
Jose Rijo - A's - Dayf (Wahoo!!)
Armando Benitez - Mets - Buckstore Cards (Wahoo!!)
Gretzky Collection Checklist - Hockey - Hockeykazi (Wahoo!!)
Mark West - Basketball - Enamel Rods (Wahoo!!)
Pedro Feliz - Phillies - Dawgbones (Wahoo!!)
Donruss Consumer Hotline Card - Filler - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!!)
Robbie - Dinosaurs TV - Free Agent (Current Draft)
Bonnie Blair - Olympic Legend - Captain Canuck (Wahoo!!)
Eric Bergoust - Arial Skier - FREE AGENT
Wilson Kipketer - Runner - FREE AGENT
Marion Jones - Sprinter (Runner) - FREE AGENT
Georg Hackl - Olympic Legend (Luge) - Captain Canuck (Wahoo!!)
Lisa Wagner - Bowler - FREE AGENT
Finn Papenfus Super Kid - Play60 - FREE AGENT
National Packtime Checklist - Checklists - Free Agent (Current Draft)

Wow!! Lots of free agents - both in current draft and for the next one! Congratulations to everyone that grabbed cards out here. There are very cool ones in the mix, for sure!  Once again, THANK YOU to Bo for his generosity and creativity in putting these packs together!!

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