Friday, September 2, 2016

PAD Circus - Packs 203-210- Heroes Galore!!

Hey everyone! I've got several packs of 2013 Hometown Heroes in the box, so let's rip some open!

BTW, I will be posting/emailing the next free agent draft this weekend, so be looking for that!

This will be another long-list post, so please excuse typos, lack of capitalization, random capitalization and any other weirdness that comes about!

tony gwynn sr - padres - marcus (wahoo!!)
paul molitor - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!!)
alex rodriguez - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!!)
dave stewart - a's - dayf (wahoo!!)
terry pendleton - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!!)
ken griffey jr kingdom craziness - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!!)
todd helton - rockies - infield fly rule (wahoo!!)
gary sheffield - marlins - bo rosny (wahoo!!)
jerome walton - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!!)
juan samuel - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!!)
vince coleman - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x2)
bernie williams - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x2)
shawon dunston - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!! x2)
orel hershiser rivalry - dodgers/giants - night owl* (wahoo!!)
mark grace - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!! x3)
wally joyner - angels - angels in order (wahoo!!)
paul molitor - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!! x2 repeat performance!)
mike krukow - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!!)
chipper jones - braves - jafronius (wahoo!!)
ozzie guillen - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!!)
terry pendleton - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x3 repeat performance!)
reggie jackson curtain call - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x3)
rusty greer - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!)
jeff montgomery - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!!)
derek jeter - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x4)
rickey henderson - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x5, back-to-back!!)
mookie wilson - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!!)
mike zunino - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!! x2)
greg maddux - braves - jafronius (wahoo!! x2)
derek jeter #10451 - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x6, near repeat performance!)
miguel cabrera - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!!)
garrett jones - pirates - brian c (wahoo!!)
ozzie smith - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x4)
yadier molina - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x5, back-to-back!!)
max scherzer - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!! x2)
tom brunansky - twins - gcrl (wahoo!!)
oscar gamble - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x7)
mike trout gold state stamp - angels - angels in order (wahoo!! x2)
willie mcgee - cardinals - wilson (wahoo!! x6)
bryce harper - nationals - captkirk42 (wahoo!!)
ichiro - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!! x3)
joe mauer - twins - gcrl (wahoo!! x2)
ernie banks - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!! x4)
gary pettis - angels - angels in order (wahoo!! x3)
bob gibson - cardinals - wilson (Wahoo!! x7)
ken griffey jr sportdiscs - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!! x4, near repeat performance!)
harold baines - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!! x2)
huston street - padres - marcus (wahoo!! x2)
buddy bell - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!! x2)
dennis eckersley - a's - dayf (wahoo!!)
tony gwynn sr - padres - marcus (wahoo!! x3, repeat performance!)
even longoria - rays - tshenson (wahoo!!)
chase utley - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!! x2)
jim rice gold state stamp - red sox - thoughts & sox (wahoo!!)
albert pujols - angels - angels in order (wahoo!! x4)
paul konerko - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!! x3)
jerome walton - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!! x5, repeat performance!)
juan samuel - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!! x3, repeat performance!)
tom seaver - white sox - dominc fdny (wahoo!! x4)
carlos gomez - rockies - infield fly rule (wahoo!! x2)
alex rodriguez - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x8, repeat performance!)
gary sheffield rivalry - yankees/mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!! x2)*
paul konerko - white sox - dominic fdny (wahoo!! x4, repeat performance!)
bob horner - braves - jafronius (wahoo!! x3)

*Selected at random among depicted teams

WOW!! Congratulations to Bo for snagging 8 Yankees and to Wilson for grabbing 7 Cardinals!! Congrats to those of you who also snatched up multiple cards - and multiple copies of cards! As for hits, those gold stamp cards are cool, but that retro Sportdisc!? That is VERY cool!!

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