Saturday, August 27, 2016

PAD Circus - Packs 198-201 - Medallions are for the Birds

Hey, everyone!! Well, this has certainly become PEOD Circus (Pack Every Other Day), hasn't it. Never fear, we still have a lot of packs to go!! Wahoo!!

Let's get ripped:

2016 Topps Series 2 (3 packs plus medallion pack!)

aaron altherr - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!!)*
danny duffy - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!!)
matt reynolds - mets - buckstore cards (wahoo!!)
ryan flaherty - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!!)
ariel pena - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!!)
dallas keuchel - astros - raz (wahoo!!)
caleb cotham foil (unnumbered) - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!!)
ichiro chasing 3k - mariners - cool breeze (wahoo!!)
andrew cashner - padres - marcus (wahoo!!)
chris reed - marlins - bo rosny (wahoo!!)
martin perez - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!)
raul mondesi - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!! x2)
carlos beltran - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x2)
pedro alvarez - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!! x2)
cody asche - phillies - dawgbones (wahoo!! x2)
james mccann - tigers - ryan g (wahoo!!)
anthony rendon foil 1610/2016 - nationals - captkirk42 (wahoo!!)
roger maris berger's best - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!! x3)
cody allen - indians (wahoo!) - tribecards (wahoo!!)
marlins team card - bo rosny (wahoo!! x2)
kris medlen - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!! x3)
danny espinosa - nationals - captkirk42 (wahoo!! x2)
marwin gonzalez - astros - raz (wahoo!! x2)
daniel murphy - nationals - captkirk42 (wahoo!! x3)
wily peralt - brewers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!! x2)
miguel cotto first pitch - dodgers - night owl (wahoo!!)
zack greene mlb debut - royals - ventura county royals (wahoo!! x4)
buster posey changing of the guard - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!!)
carl edwards - cubs - sons of diagoras (wahoo!!)
tanner roark - nationals - captkirk42 (wahoo!! x4)

And, the MLB Debut Medallion:
manny machado - orioles - pedersej (wahoo!!)

WOW!! Congrats to CaptKirk42 and VC Royals for snagging FOUR cards each and to the bunch of folks that pulled at least TWO cards each! That is awesome! Hey, we even grabbed an Indians player. Then, Pedersej steps up and smacks a hit with the Medallion card. Very cool!!

*Thanks for the heads up! I had previously listed this card with the Braves, which has NOTHING to do with the card or the player or the team... It has EVERYTHING to do with my head space!