Monday, August 31, 2015

Tribecards from gcrl - He Kluber'd Me!

Quite some time ago now, gcrl sent a stack of Indians cards to the Tribecards household. I am just now posting those (and, Bo, a post about your box of Indians is coming soon) as a part of my "catch the freak up, man" marathon.

The stack starts with Corey Kluber, then travels through a interesting set of twists and turns in terms of collecting.

Yan Gomes looks up and to the left, evidently watching for the ball that he hit straight up into the air.

Trevor Bauer winds up, here's the thr... He does know he is supposed to let go, right?

Next up is Doug Jones in all his 80's hair and 'stache greatness. I'm just glad there's no fire.

John Farrell is looking rather Happy in his Rated Rookie pose.

Yan Gomes again looking up to his left. I see a pattern here.

Carlos Carrasco appears to be indoors or in the bullpen or... I'm not sure.

Michael Brantley is NOT messing around here, people.

Here is what Brantley looks like after the previous card!

Doc Edwards. I'm afraid the good doctor couldn't save the Indians of the 80's.

Joe Wendle looks like he is ready to take off.

Albert Belle, on the other hand, looks like he is about to take off... someone's head.

Dorssys Paulino finds himself on a VERY shiny, rainbowy card.

Juan Lara also finds himself on a shiny, rainbowy card. He doesn't look too happy about it though.

Brantley returns a bit smaller after a big swing.

Gomes dons his catcher's garb for this one. The women of Dinged Corners would be proud.

Kluber comes back for Opening Day.

And then Kluber refuses to leave the mound, ending the pack he started.

THANK YOU very much, gcrl for these great Indians cards!! I don't know if you enjoyed looking through these as much as I did writing about them ,but I had fun - and that's what matters in this goofy hobby we all love.

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