Sunday, August 9, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - A quick draft recap (No Skunk Master List)

Hey, everyone! I know with my sporadic drafting, things have been hard to keep up with. So, I am creating this post so that we have a master list of the No Skunk list. I will cross off the names as we complete each draft and post the approximate date of the draft post or the date of the draft itself.

Because of various factors, we are actually behind a draft or two. I hope to get caught up over the next couple weeks.

Here is what we have up to 08/09/2015 (This date will change each time):

WEEK 02 Erin Rose ProwlingCats (April 26)
WEEK 03 Play at the Plates SuperDuperMen (May 11)
WEEK 04 SoxFan4Life Jacksonville Jobu (May 17)
WEEK 05 Eastern Virginia Mutts Kentucky Quarrys (May 27)
WEEK 06 Jennings64 Ventura County Royals (June 1)
WEEK 07 GCRLs The Balking Dead (June 7)
WEEK 08 Maddings New Jersey Hadsalls (June 15)
WEEK 09 Bo Rosnys Pedersejs (June 24)
WEEK 10 Enamel Rods Cobb County SuperChickens (July 19)
WEEK 11 Illinois Jafronius Tribecards (July 31)
WEEK 12 Joliet Convicts CaptKirk42s (August 1)
WEEK 13 Dominic FDNY CaptainCanucks
WEEK 14 Northampton Therapists Wilsons
WEEK 15 Stealing Home Nachos Grandes
WEEK 16 Thoughts and Sox RJBreezes
WEEK 17 Arpsmith Kazis
WEEK 18 Idaho Astros Saitama Sushi
WEEK 19 Alec's All Stars Pennsylvania BC's
WEEK 20 BackstopCards Thorzul
WEEK 21 NightOwls TSHensons

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