Thursday, August 27, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - Packs 190-191 - Packs from Jobu!

Hello, everyone! In my various postings yesterday, I managed to NOT post a pack! UGH. So, tonight, I am posting TWO packs. But, before we get there, I received a box in the mail today from Jacksonville Jobu. In it are all kinds of wax pack goodness!! THANK YOU Jacksonville Jobu!!

We've got quite a mix here. So, tonight I am opening two of these. We're starting with the one that has all the Japanese writing on it! It says "Q-Card Official Pro Baseball Card." So, is there just one card in here? I dunno. The pack is also smaller than standard US packs, as you can tell from the scan above.

Terunobu Seto - Hiroshima Reds? - Free Agent
Tomio Watanabe - Seibu Lions - Free Agent

Well, these are unique little cards. They are like credit card wannabes. Very interesting.

Next up, a pack of 1995 Classic 5-Sport:

Mark Bruener - Steelers (football) - Free Agent
Corey Fuller - Vikings (football) - Free Agent
Jan Hlavac - Islanders (hockey) - Free Agent
Kevin Garnett - Timberwolves (basketball) - Free Agent
Kyle Brady - Jets (football) - Free Agent
Ty Law Die Cut - Patriots (football) - Free Agent
Aki-Petteri Berg - Kings (hockey) - Free Agent
Doug Million - Rockies - Free Agent
Ben Davis - Padres - Free Agent
Rebecca Lobo - Sun (basketball) - Free Agent

Okay, well, these are a little different as well. Here, we have a mix of sports. This was like opening some time warp version of Allen and Ginter.

I'm scanning all the cards from tonight because I can't seem to find words. These are insanely wonderful bits of cardboard, well, and plastic.