Wednesday, July 29, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - 133-134 - One-Card Pack?

Hey everyone! Welcome to today's pack breaks or is it packs break? I am busting two packs, so whichever applies, go with that one. One pack, though, only has one card, I think. I'm not sure. Let's take a look.

First up, we have one of PatP's custom 2015 Series 2 packs. You know what that means: MOJO!

Tyler Clippard - A's - Free Agent
David Price - Tigers - TS Hensons (Wahoo!!)
Grady Sizemore - Phillies - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!)
AJ Griffin - A's - Free Agent
Jake Arrieta - Cubs - Ventura County Royals (Wahoo!!)
Trevor Cahill 2013 Archives Game-Used Relic - Diamondbacks - Thoughts and Sox (Wahoo!!)
Dee Gordon - Marlins - Free Agent
Wilmer Flores - Mets - New Jersey Hadsalls (Wahoo!!)
Devon Travis - Blue Jays - Free Agent
AJ Pollock - Diamondbacks - Free Agent

Congratulations to Thoughts and Sox! What a great pull! We also extend out our hands in congrats to the other folks who pulled players from this pack.

Now, let's see what we have next. The pack says it is a 2015 Exclusive First Home Run Commemorative Relic Card. But, I believe this is another PatP custom, so I'm not sure what we'll find. Here we go...

Jason Grilli 2015 Topps Regular - Braves - Pennsylvania BCs (Wahoo!!)
Peter Bourjos 2015 Topps Regular - Cardinals - Super Dupermen (Wahoo!!)
Manny Machado metal MLB logo insert - Orioles - RJBreeze (Wahoo!!)
Robbie Grossman 2015 Topps Regular - Astros - Free Agent
Skip Schumaker 2015 Topps Regular - Reds - Free Agent

Brian tricked us! Hahaha, but in one of the coolest ways possible. That MLB batter logo is incredible. I am not a fan of manufactured relics usually, but that shiny piece of metal is fantastic! Congratulations, RJBreeze! And, as a surprise, congrats go out to the other two who pulled cards from a pack I thought was only going to have a single card in it. Can't complain there!