Friday, July 24, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - Draft Update

Managers, please check your email. I set up the draft for this past week and then promptly forgot to tell anyone! Lovely. So, we will have TWO drafts this week. I sent an email to all managers with the info for the first draft that will run late on July 31st.  I will have another draft that will run on Saturday, August 1st.

I will revisit the No Skunk lists to who is up this draft and next.

Later tonight (Friday, July 24), I am busting a BUNCH of packs to help fill up the 2nd draft's free agent pool. Either that, or we'll have a ton of cards to be added to manager stacks! Either way, we win.

Be looking for a mega break later tonight. In fact, I may do it "live" and simply update the page after each pack or so. You never know with me.

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