Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tribecards from Outer Space: The final draft is upon us

Hello, everyone!  In case you were wondering, I *PASSED* my Apple Certified Macintosh Technician certification!!  Wahoo!!  I appreciate everyone's patience as I stepped away from the clubhouse to take care of that business.

And now that the certification business is done, we've got some massive drafting ahead.

We have nearly 300 players in this draft, the final draft!  There is no way I am going to administer a final draft in which every possible player could be drafted. Instead, I have a different solution (though, technically, it could still result in every player being drafted). The final draft features 25 draft slots. Choose wisely. Well, actually, as we've seen this season, wisely has nothing to do with it. The randomizer will hold the fortunes of all managers in its grubby little paws.

Each of the 25 slots has all 300 listed (though I noticed a few names spelled wrongly in the list. Don't worry, I know who the players are and will fix things before everything wraps up.).

Managers pick your players just as you have all season. I will randomize the order and run the draft.

Player cards not drafted after all is said and done will be randomly distributed among all the managers who have previously claimed at least one player. I say that because I had people sign up that never drafted nor selected one single player. Ever. Why sign up? I dunno.  Anyway, notice I said "Play cards." That's because I am not sorting the leftover cards by player. Instead, all leftovers will be shuffled, stacked up and handed out in a random order. Naturally, the random order will be determined by - why change a bad system now, right?

After the results are posted, I will distribute the multi-player cards to one of the managers owning a player on the card. This will take a bit of doing because we ended up with a bunch, so I will sort through those. Any duplicates will be handed out equally among owners. Otherwise, I will do my best to see that everyone affected gets a 'fair share' of multi-player cards.

So, back to the draft!  I will close the draft on Monday, October 7, 2013 at roughly 6pm. Then, I will wait for Google Docs to do whatever it does and we will run the draft on Tuesday, October 8 sometime that evening/night!

Let's look at a handful of highlights:

  • Joba Chamberlain - I was just shocked he was still available.
  • B.J. Wallace - Cool card design and also card #1 in the 1993 O-Pee-Chee set.
  • Carlos Guillen - Shiny Bowman's Best
  • J.R. Graham - That card is seriously purple. I mean, PUR-PLE.
  • Mark Teahen - The Pennant Chasers design jumps out at me. I like it.
  • Harold Baines - Seriously!? I even searched through everything to make sure that was right.
  • Terry Francona - Current manager of the Tribe, back when he was still knocking about.
  • Chris Dickerson - VERY shiny yellow card! 
  • Brian Jordan - I always thought these '91 Pre-Rookies were a great idea.

Here is the link to the Final Draft:

Good luck and thanks for playing along!!


  1. Congratulations on passing your certification test

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