Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tribecards from Outer Space: 14 Rounds of Final Draft

Hey everyone!  Sorry it took so long to get the final draft done. What a doozy! We ended up going 14 rounds before everyone's picks played out. No one got shut out. Terry Francona scored the highest number of picks: Nine. Jafronius tried to sneak in a Curley Neal pick, but I caught it. Haha! Next season, I'll add in every card we uncover. Well, okay, maybe not EVERY card, but certainly some of the non-baseball.

I will update the player/manager list later this week and will get everyone's cards passed around this weekend. I should start mailing those out next week.  Upcoming posts will include a wrap-up and a couple surprise boxes I received! Wahoo!!

Here's how the final draft played out:
Notice one says "I'm not really Night..." That said that the person was not really Night Owl, but that Night should have the Steve Lyons card. I got a kick out of that. Whoever entered that, thanks for the laugh!

Here is the random order, minus the "I'm not Night Owl" entry:

Everyone placed in the random order: Jafronius is in white because I pasted his picks from an email.

You'll have to click on this one to see the final results. I included ALL the results since it went for 14 rounds! Whew!

I can't thank everyone enough for the patience and GREAT sportsmanship throughout the season breaks! I realize I was a bit "persnickety" at times and I fretted over things most folks never gave second-thought to, so I truly appreciate the camaraderie you had with/for each other when weird things would come up!  Thanks again!


  1. NO, thank YOU for doing so much work and allowing us to take part in the fun.

  2. Yes David, Thanks for the doing this giveaway. It is one heck of an undertaking.

    Oh, and your welcome for the laugh.