Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blaster Box Break: Box 7 - 1992 Leaf Series 2

Good Sunday afternoon, everyone! I tried to run through all the boxes in the wee hours of the morning, but I ran out of gas. So, this afternoon, I opened the final box in the Blaster Break.  Since this was a full box of cards and not just a blaster, I'm not listing every card. Instead, I'm posting the Gold Leaf cards and the Gold Leaf Rookies that went to participants. The rest of the cards (including other Gold Leaf and Gold Leaf Rookies) will be distributed randomly with the rest of the unclaimed cards from the break!

Eric Bell - Indians - Gold Leaf
John Doherty - Tigers - Gold Leaf Rookies
Travis Fryman - Tigers - Gold Leaf
Kevin Ritz - Tigers - Gold Leaf
Eric Davis - Dodgers - Gold Leaf
Trevor Wilson - Giants - Gold Leaf

Johnny Ruffin - White Sox - Gold Leaf Rookies
Mark Whiten - Indians - Gold Leaf
Ramon Martinez - Dodgers - Gold Leaf
Donovan Osborne - Cardinals - Gold Leaf Rookie
Tom Candiotti - Dodgers - Gold Leaf
Mike Sharperson - Dodgers - Gold Leaf

Congrats to everyone that took part! The true upside to having such a small group of participants is that we will get a huge amount of cards between us! Wahoo!!  I will try to get these sent out sometime this coming week. I will let you know when they've shipped so you can be looking for them!


  1. Thanks for doing this! Definitely a lot of fun cards here.

  2. Thank you. Lots of funn!

    Cattlerustler aka "cardcowboy"