Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 Tribecards Giveaway from Outer Space Thingy

Josh D asked a great question:
Can you please confirm how the claiming DURING the season would work? If I leave a spot open and you pull a Yogi Berra card from a pack, can I then claim/scream "Yogi Berra!" and get that card?

Or do I only get the Yogi Berra cards that are opened after I claim?

Though I am still working on the rules themselves, this question has a couple of aspects that can be explained with certainty.

#1 - "If I leave a spot open..." - First, you do not need to leave spots open to participate or to lay claim to cards or hold a place.  The "Top 20" is merely a way to kickstart the season.  So, even if you fill up your initial 20 spots, you will still be allowed to claim players during the season.  So, by the end of the season, some people may have claimed 30 players and others only claimed 6.  It's all about what YOU want to collect (and how the initial draft plays out, of course)!

#2 - "Can I then claim/scream 'Yogi Berra!' and get that card?" - Yes. That is basically the way I envision this happening. And, you wouldn't just get THAT card. You would get EVERY Yogi Berra card we come across during the season.  The advantage to claiming Yogi in your "Top 20" of course is that you lay claim now and don't have to wait.  Well, assuming someone else didn't get him in the initial draft... It's a risk either way. After all, what if you claim him and we never see one, right?  I haven't worked out the details on how the "name it/claim it" system will work, but that is the gist of it!

#3 - "...opened after the claim?" - No, if you lay claim to a player that is unclaimed, you will get EVERY card of that player during the break.  So, even if you manage to wait until the very end to claim a player (that no one else has claimed) that you want, you will get EVERY one of his cards presented during the break (depending on "multiple players on one card" rules, etc).

As mentioned before, all unclaimed players at the end of the regular season will be randomly distributed among all the participants.

The important take-aways here:
1) You will be able to claim players throughout the season, no matter how many of your "Top 20" spots you fill.
2) You will be able to claim an unclaimed player during the season and will receive ALL of that player's cards.

As I said, I am still ironing out details of the rules, so questions like this help me do just that!

Great questions.


  1. Are there going to be limits to claiming unclaimed players per pack? Otherwise whoever sees a post first can just claim everyone who is unclaimed right away.

  2. Yes. There will be a "claim system" in place. I'm not sure what that looks like yet, but I will try to make it as fair as possible. It will not be "first-see/first-claim" for the very reason you state. Instead, there will be some kind of lottery or something for each unclaimed player in each pack.

  3. After the claim lists are shown, can the participants trade players (similar to fantasy baseball). If someone else gets Orel Hershiser before I do, I might trade an Ivan Rodriguez for him. All card of the player would then go to the new owner.

    Just a thought.

  4. Yes, yes! I love this idea! After the regular season is over, during the playoffs, we'll have a "Trade Days" program where folks can swap players. The rule will be that you have to swap ALL the cards of the players - no partial trades, etc. So, even if you got some killer I-ROD, you would have to trade it away to get the O-Hersh cards!

  5. David, I was imagining the player trades to happen during the season and all cards would stay with the player and go to the new owner.

    That way, if I have Sandy Koufax and Night Owl has O-Hersh. After the first month, O-Hersh has great cards pulled NO might trade me because he has some inside intuition that a Koufax auto will be pulled in the two packs but hasn't share that intuition with me. A trade is done, not cards pulled for cards pulled, but cards pulled for future cards pulled.

    Jumping forward a few weeks, no Koufaxes are pulled, two O-Hersh relics are, I go home a winner and NO stays the awesome blogger that he is.

  6. While I certainly appreciate the ambition, I cannot imagine myself being able to keep up with such an arrangement! Haha, perhaps if this were my fulltime job, I could pull it off. As it is, I didn't even get last year's break sorted correctly! Yikes.