Monday, February 18, 2013

The initial draft is now open!

Hey everyone!  The 2013 Tribecards Giveaway Draft is now OPEN!!

If you have signed up *AND* you have received the "Welcome" email from me, you can enter your initial draft picks using the form linked below.

When you fill out the form, please include the same email address you used when you signed up (er, well, except for Greg Gay. haha, use the 'corrected one.') or else I cannot match drafts with participants.

You must pick at least one player to collect (or else why would you even sign up, right?).

The remainder of the 20 slots are optional, but remember that you stand a chance to miss out on your player picks if you don't even list them at all.

This will work just like a fantasy draft: You list your picks, the draft order will be randomized, and then players will be dolled out according to their rankings.  Players will only be assigned to one participant, so if you choose "Pete Rose" and you draft him, the you get ALL Pete Rose cards pulled during the 2013 regular MLB season in this giveaway!

Draft results will be posted as soon as the draft is over.  The draft itself will take place after March 1, 2013 (the closing date for sign-ups).  If you are not signed up yet, You still have until March 1!! Just look through older posts to find the sign-up form.

Remember: You will have ample opportunity to add players throughout the season as we bust open more and more packs!!

Here is the Draft Form:

A few things to ponder:

  • I have already secured a couple packs of cards from the 70's. Though they are sealed (in fact, a little TOO sealed in my eyes), they appear to have been opened, repacked with different cards, then resealed, as is often the case with such older packs. I don't know this for a fact, it is merely speculation given the conditions. The point is: We'll see some pack-fresh cards from the 70's!
  • I am working on securing other older packs as well. I was VERY surprised to find that my readers prefer older sets of cards. 
  • Naturally, there will be a mix of packs, brands, years, etc.


  1. Dave, sorry but I accidentally sent two entries. I mistakenly hit "enter" rather than "tab" while moving from one name to another and it submitted the uncompleted form. Please, disregard the first submission!

  2. I saw that. No problem, man!! You're good to go!

  3. David I did the same thing. Please use the second list. Thanks man!

  4. Can you please confirm how the claiming DURING the season would work? If I leave a spot open and you pull a Yogi Berra card from a pack, can I then claim/scream "Yogi Berra!" and get that card?

    Or do I only get the Yogi Berra cards that are opened after I claim?

    -Josh D.