Sunday, June 27, 2010

MLB Fan Packs

Hackenbush at Can't Have Too Many Cards recently received a Cubs Fan Pack, and I thought the concept would make for an interesting experiment.

I have sent an electronic request for a Fan Pack from each of the MLB clubhouses (06/27/2010). These will be followed up with postcard requests after the All-Star break.  I will repeat this each season from here on out (or until my Internet Attention Deficit Disorder leads me to something else).

As an ongoing feature, I will scan and breakdown each club's response to both the electronic request and the hand-written request.  I'm not only interested to see what each club offers to its fans, but also to see if the packs are different between the two requests per team.

Since receiving the packs will be irregular, so will the posts regarding them.  Keep watching, though, and let's see what treats the various teams have to share!

If you'd like to conduct your own experiment (or just to get one from YOUR favorite team), links to the electronic form(s) can be found here:

UPDATE (2pm CST, same day) - Several clubs have responded to my electronic request for Fan Packs telling me that I need to send a postcard requesting the Fan Pack to a specified address.  I will compile those and keep you posted.

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  1. I sent out a couple of requests for Fan Packs. I will keep you posted if I hear anything from the teams I sent one to.