Monday, June 7, 2010

1987 Hostess Brook Jacoby

In 1987, Hostess of Canada released a set of 30 stickers. Each of these stickers is about 1-3/8" by 1-3/4"(read Mini-sized). The front features the player, the player's name, and a little weird monster-thing with the card number in it. The back contains the Hostess and MLB logos, the words "Superstar Series '87" (in both English and French), plus the player's name, position and team.

Here is the checklist:

1 Jesse Barfield
2 Ernie Whitt
3 George Bell
4 Hubie Brooks
5 Tim Wallach
6 Floyd Youmans
7 Dale Murphy
8 Ryne Sandberg
9 Eric Davis
10 Milt Scott
11 Fernando Valenzuela
12 Gary Carter
13 Mike Schmidt
14 Tony Pena
15 Ozzie Smith
16 Tony Gwynn
17 Mike Krukow
18 Eddie Murray
19 Wade Boggs
20 Wally Joyner
21 Harold Baines
22 Brook Jacoby
23 Lou Whitaker
24 George Brett
25 Robin Yount
26 Kirby Puckett
27 Don Mattingly
28 Jose Canseco
29 Phil Bradley
30 Pete O'Brien


  1. I have the whole set of these still in the original wrappers. But I don't know what they are worth.

  2. I believe I have about 25 complete sets of these cards. Is there a value to them?

  3. Perhaps you could get a couple bucks per set online. I'd say 6-9 bucks if you sold them to collectors at a show.