Friday, July 18, 2008

A Major Award! It's Italian! "Fra-Jeelee!"

My Major Award came today (Friday)! When I went to the mailbox, waiting inside was my 2008 Bowman Hobby Box from! To help share in the celebration, I opted to take a few pics and have my recently-turned-six year-old daughter help with the box break! I'm posting a few pics of her opening packs and then some of the cards from the box break as well (nothing that will bore you to tears, I hope). However, I will list out what each pack held, just for good measure.... (scans will not necessarily match the pack listings):

The very first pack we opened had the Autograph in it! Jason Heyward for the Atlanta Braves auto'd a Bowman Chrome for us (136/500). The rest of the pack featured Vladimir Guerro (Angels), Billy Butler (Royals), Bobby Crosby (A's), Derek Lowe (Dodgers), Hiroki Kuroda (Dodgers - rookie), Caleb Gindl (Brewers - 1st card), Matthew Klimas (Giants - 1st card), Joseph Mahoney (Orioles - 1st/chrome), Jeremy Bonderman (Tigers - gold).

Pack 2 - Jeremy Hermida (Marlins), Hideki Matsui (Yankees), Paul Konerko (White Sox), Tim Lincecum (Giants), Miguel Tijada (Astros), Aaron Mathews (Blue Jays - 1st card), Ronnie Ray (Giants - 1st card), Jose Duarte (Royals - 1st/chrome), Juis Munoz (Pirates - 1st/chrome), Ben Jukich (A's - 1st/gold)

Pack 3 - Matt Holliday (Rockies), Chuck James (Braves), Nick Blackburn (Twins), Rocco Baldelli (Rays), Nick Swisher (White Sox), Rusty Ryal (Diamondbacks - 1st card), Michael McCormick (Rays - 1st card), Mario Lisson (Royals - 1st/chrome), Eric Brown (Mets - 1st/chrome), Mario Lisson (Royals - 1st/gold), Checklist (BP21 - SC-BE)

Pack 4 - Yadier Molina (Cardinals), Chipper Jones (Braves), Brian Giles (Padres), Tom Glavine (Braves), James Guerrero (Marlins - 1st card), Chance Chapman (Phillies - 1st card), Brandon Waring (Reds - 1st card), Scott Van Slyke (Dodgers - 1st/chrome), Jamie Richmond (Braves - 1st/chrome), Gregorio Petit (A's - 1st/gold)

Pack 5 - Travis Buck (A's), Todd Helton (Rockies), Nick Johnson (Nationals), Dan Uggla (Marlins), Ross Detwiler (Nationals - rookie), David Welch (Brewers - 1st card), Michael Hernandez (Tigers - 1st card), Francisco Hernandez (White Sox - 1st/chrome), Brian Mathews (Dodgers - 1st/chrome), Ken Griffey Jr (Reds - gold)

Pack 6 - Jeremy Bonderman (Tigers), Tom Gorzelanny (Pirates), David Ortiz (Red Sox), Phil Hughes (Yankees), Josh Anderson (Braves - rookie), Zachary Phillips (Rangers - 1st card), Blake Johnson (Royals - 1st card), Wesley Wright (Dodgers - 1st/chrome), Jonah Nickerson (Tigers - 1st/chrome), Chris Carpenter (Cardinals - gold)

Pack 7 - Felix Hernandez (Mariners), Mark Buehrle (White Sox), Aaron Harang (Reds), Edgar Renteria (Tigers), Orlando Hernandez (Mets), Seth Bynum (Nationals - 1st card), Darren Ford (Brewers - 1st card), Austin Jackson (Yankees - 1st/chrome), Ryan Morris (Indians - 1st/chrome), Josh Beckett (Red Sox - gold), Checklist (1 - BP20)

Pack 8 - Freddy Sanchez (Pirates), Kelly Johnsons (Braves), Rich Hill (Cubs), Carl Crawford (Rays), Magglio Ordonez (Tigers), Kyle Mura (Cardinals - 1st card), Michael Wlodarczyk (Rays - 1st card), Matt Inouye (White Sox - 1st/chrome), Christopher Frey (Rockies - 1st/chrome), Carl Crawford (Rays - gold)

Pack 9 - Ronnie Belliard (Nationals), C.C. Sabathia (Indians), Richie Sexon (Mariners), Brian McCann (Braves), Carlos Beltran (Mets), Sean Henry (Reds - 1st card), Brian Finegan (Indians - 1st card), Ryan Strieby (Tigers - 1st/chrome), Matthew Buschmann (Padres - 1st/gold/chrome 02/25), Asdrubal Cabrera (Indians - gold)

Pack 10 - Roy Oswalt (Astros), Aramis Ramirez (Cubs), Austin Kearns (Nationals), Grady Sizemore (Indians), Jeff Kent (Dodgers), Michael Daniel (Nationals - 1st card), Jordan Czarniecki (Rockies - 1st card), Sean Danielson (Cardinals - 1st/chrome), Ken Holmberg (Brewers - 1st/chrome), Eric Brown (Mets (1st/gold)

Pack 11 - Ubaldo Jimenez (Rockies), Chris Young (Diamondbacks), Garrett Atkins (Rockies), Ted Lilly (Cubs), Troy Glaus (Cardinals), Wesley Wright (Dodgers - 1st card), Jonah Nickerson (Tigers - 1st card), Jonathon Mota (Cubs - 1st/chrome), Kyle Reynolds (Cubs - 1st/chrome), Russ Martin (Dodgers - gold), Checklist (BP21 - SC-BE)

Pack 12 - Justin Morneau (Twins), Travis Hafner (Indians), Jered Weaver (Angels), Cole Hamels (Cardinals), Chone Figgins (Angels), Scott Van Slyke (Dodgers - 1st card), Jamie Richmond (Braves - 1st card), Engel Beltre (Rangers - 1st/chrome), Max Sapp (Astros - 1st/chrome), David Ortiz (Red Sox - gold)

Pack 13 - Pat Burrell (Phillies), Jimmy Rollins (Phillies), Rich Harden (A's), Russ Martin (Dodgers), Torii Hunter (Angels), Jake Renshaw (Orioles - 1st card), Aaron Bates (Red Sox - 1st card), Javier Castillo (White Sox - 1st/chrome), Daniel Cortes (Royals - 1st/chrome), Ryan Strieby (Tigers - 1st/gold), Checklist (1 - BP20)

Pack 14 - Stephen Drew (Diamondbacks), A.J. Burnett (Blue Jays), Ben Sheets (Brewers), Carlos Pena (Rays), Eric Chavez (A's), Brian Barton (Cardinals - 1st card), Ryan Ouellette (Orioles - 1st card), Gerardo Parra (Diamondbacks - 1st/chrome), Matthew Buschmann (Padres - 1st/chrome), Brian Mathews (Dodgers - 1st/gold)

Pack 15 - Jason Bay (Pirates), Jose Vidro (Mariners), Lance Berkman (Astros), Asdrubal Cabrera (Indians), David Ortiz (Red Sox - blue border 017/500), Glenn Gibson (Rays - 1st card), Anthony Martinez (Orioles - 1st card), Anthony Claggett (Yankees - 1st/chrome), Brad Harman (Phillies - 1st/chrome), Hiroki Kuroda (Dodgers - 1st/gold), Checklist (BP21 - SC-BE)

Pack 16 - Radhames Liz (Orioles - rookie), David Wright (Mets), Andre Either (Dodgers), Carlos Delgado (Mets), Josh Beckett (Red Sox), Logan Morrison (Marlins - 1st card), Luke Montz (Nationals - 1st card), Joseph Martinez (Giants - 1st/chrome), Iggy Suarez (Red Sox - 1st/chrome), Tom Gorzelanny (Pirates - gold)

Pack 17 - Dustin Pedroia (Red Sox), Jeff Francis (Rockies), Daisuke Matsuzaka (Red Sox), Lance Broadway (White Sox - rookie), Ivan Rodriguez (Tigers), Sal Sanchez (White Sox - 1st card), Steve Tolleson (Twins - 1st card), Stephen Chapman (Brewers - 1st/chrome), Ronald Ramirez (Astros - 1st/chrome), Greg Thomson (Diamondbacks - 1st/gold)

Pack 18 - Carlos Zambrano (Cubs), Eric Bynes (Diamondbacks), Joe Mauer (Twins), Matt Garza (Rays), Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals), Matthew Weston (Giants - 1st card), Tom Hagan (Pirates - 1st card), Matt Rizzotti (Phillies - 1st/chrome), Mike Brantley (Brewers - 1st/chrome), Yadier Molina (Cardinals - gold), Checklist (1-BP20)

Pack 19 - Nick Markakis (Orioles), David DeJesus (Royals), Kenji Johjima (Mariners), Joey Votto (Reds - rookie), Jason Varitek (Red Sox), Jason Stephens (Yankees - 1st card), Greg Burns (Marlins - 1st card), Angel Reyes (Yankees - 1st/chrome), Bobby Parnell (Mets - 1st/chrome), Felix Hernandez (Mariners - gold)

Pack 20- Johnny Damon (Yankees), Greg Maddux (Padres), Oliver Perez (Mets), Troy Patton (Orioles - rookie), Erik Bedard (Mariners), Michael McKenry (Rockies - 1st card), Alex Burnett (Twins - 1st card), Luke Hetherington (Blue Jays - 1st/chrome), P.J. Walters (Cardinals - 1st/chrome), Magglio Ordonez (Tigers - gold)

Pack 21 - Khalil Greene (Padres), Luke Hochevar (Royals - rookie), Cameron Maybin (Marlins), Alberto Gonzalez (Yankees - rookie), Scott Rolen (Blue Jays), Eli Intor (Twins - 1st card), Alex Cobb (Rays - 1st card), Greg Halman (Mariners - 1st/chrome), Jeffrey Stevens (Indians - 1st/chrome), Bengie Molina (Giants - gold)

Pack 22 - Alex Rios (Blue Jays), Derrek Lee (Cubs), Brandon Webb (Diamondbacks), Armando Galarraga (Tigers - rookie), Randy Johnson (Diamondbacks), Jonathon Venters (Braves - 1st card), Braedyn Pruitt (Yankees - 1st card), Gregorio Petit (A's - 1st/chrome), Greg Tomson (Diamondbacks - 1st/chrome), Carlos Delgado (Mets - gold)

Pack 23 - Ryan Garko (Indians), Jake Peavy (Padres), Victor Martinez (Indians), Dan Haren (Diamondbacks), Aubrey Huff (Orioles), Phillip Cuadrado (Rockies - 1st card), Tyler Kolodny (Orioles - 1st card), Chris Johnson (Astros - 1st/chrome), Aneury Rodriguez (Rockies - 1st/chrome), Carlos Pena (Rays - gold)

Pack 24 - Prince Fielder (Brewers), Gil Meche (Royals), Manny Ramirez (Red Sox), Justin Verlander (Tigers), J.J. Hardy (Brewers), Will Rhymes (Tigers - 1st card), Ryan Khoury (Red Sox - 1st card), Ben Jukich (A's - 1st/chrome), Jeff Kindel (Rockies - 1st/chrome), Francisco Hernandez (White Sox - 1st/gold)

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