Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cards from Wax Heaven

Even though I am the Technology Coordinator for the education service center where I work, I sometimes forget about the ways in which I, personally, can use the technology I have at my disposal. Such is the case with all the recent trades I received. It occurred to me today, however, that I could use a digital camera to take photos of the cards that Wax Heaven sent me (as opposed to selecting a few that I could scan). Call me slow on the uptake, I'm used to it...

Without further adieu, I present the cards that came to me from Cooper City, Florida:

The first group of cards out of the package are Grady cards! Sweet! Being the collector that I am, I enjoyed checking out each card, going through the stack one-by-one, and coming to the game-used jersey card! Very nice item for the collection! I also like the 2008 Topps Heritage Chrome Serially Numbered card! Okay, allow me to get dorky here - the fact is I loved rifling through ALL the cards!

The next grouping of cards had me calling out "Pronk!" for quite some time. So much so, that at one point, my wife thought I was choking on something akin to a goose... There are very cool Hafner cards in this trade, and I am looking forward to seeing which ones will be added to my 'need it' stacks!

And, then to top things off, the fine folks at Wax Heaven sent me a varied selection of C.C. cards! It's unfortunate that the Tribe took their familiar path and got rid of the Cy Young winner the year after he won the award, but (as they say in the south) - I do enjoy me some C.C. (Well, maybe they don't say the C.C. part around here.... LOL)

My deepest gratitude to Alejandro and the Infamous Tatiana for the great selection of cards they put together and sent my way!! Awesome!


  1. That is an awesome lot. As an Indians fan I'm jealous, but at the same time happy for your good fortune. Mario seems like a solid dude. It could have used an Ernie Camacho or a Cory Snyder but hey,...Andre Thornton didn't hit a home run every time, right?