Sunday, July 27, 2008

Here we go again...

In another of its infamous moves, the Tribe has released Casey Blake and in return gets a couple no-name players. Yeah, they may be great someday, but why does the Indians organization insist on serving as the farm team to the MLB? Just when their players are getting good (or, hell, great!), they dump them like last week's mashed potatoes?

If someone from the Tribe organization happens to be passing by, could you please answer me that one question? Remember Thome? Sabathia (okay, not the greatest example right now, but still - hello CY YOUNG WINNER!)? Lofton? Vizquel? Any of these names ring a bell?

How long will it be before Lee gets booted to the Yankees? Next season? The one after that?

Yeah, I'm whining - it's 1:30am local time, so what. This year's Tribe looks a lot like the year-after-one-for-the-thumb Steelers right now, and I am pretty ticked off about it. So there.


  1. I'm sure my Cardinals wouldn't mind taking that Sizemore guy off your hands for a couple of nobodies...

  2. Casey Blake had NO value to the Indians. The season is done, and he is going to be a FA. In return, the Indians received a dominating AAA reliever and a catcher who is posting numbers comparable to what Victor Martinez posted in the minors at the same age.

    Shapiro completely ripped off the Dodgers. I'm still giddy from this deal.