Wednesday, May 11, 2016

PAD Circus - 028 - Round and Round - 1978 Papa Gino's!

Hey, everyone! Welcome to the break. The other day, I came across a vintage lot of cards/items on eBay and decided to jump on in. Man, I am glad I did. I ended up with a slew of things to open during the giveaway. In this post: Papa Gina's 1978 Discs:

Mitchell Page - A's - Dayf (Wahoo!!)
Rick Burleson - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)
Jim Wright - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!! Back-to-Back!)
Dennis Eckersley - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!! 3-in-a-row!!!)
Richie Zisk - Rangers - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!)
Buddy Bell - Indians - Enamel Rods (Wahoo!!)
Frank Tanana - Angels - AngelsInOrder (Wahoo!!)
Jack Brohamer - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!! x4)
Mark Fidrych - Tigers - Ryan G (Wahoo!!)

Wow! Thoughts & Sox racked up here! Don't worry if you didn't score any. I have more to come! Congratulations managers!! These are a wonderful trip back in time. Wow!


  1. Shucks, no Dodgers. These are right in my wheelhouse.


    Even better I don't have any of them yet. I've picked up lots of vintage over the years but I've never seen any of these oddball before.

  3. Those are COOL. I love those oddball and food sets. No Royals, but I got plenty of enjoyment just seeing these!

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  5. great stuff. too bad the carew wasn't in there - i think he's the only twin in the set.

  6. Remember, there are more to come. I only revealed these nine. :-)