Friday, May 27, 2016

PAD Circus - 037 - We "Auto" Get "Game-Used"

Bad puns all around, folks! Yes, even though the big ol box of packs is crying out to be pilfered, I stopped by the big box store and found a weird repack box. The box claims to have one auto, one relic, one fat pack and two wax packs. Sure enough...

Luis Castillo 2004 Bazooka Adventures Game-Worn - Marlins - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Ken Huckaby 2002 Prospects Signatures Auto - Blue Jays - Hockeykazi (Wahoo!!)

Wow! First of all, BoRosny continues to score cards from our breaks. Secondly, how about those freaking cards!? Nice job, guys!

One of the foil packs is 2016 Leaf Babe Ruth Collection. I'm going to go on a limb and say Bo will get at least one card out of this pack... As with other team-heavy/specific packs, we will not count "back-to-Backs" here)

Babe Ruth Career Achievements ERA 2.28 - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)
Babe Ruth After Final Game As Yankee - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Ruth Joins National Guard - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Ruth Showing His Lumber Some Love - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)
Ruth Prepares for Charity Basketball Game - Yankees - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)

Here is my (probably flawed, I know) logic on how these were handed out:

  1. Babe Ruth was a pitcher for the Red Sox MUCH longer than for the Yankees, so I thought it only right to assign him to that team for the card.
  2. It was following his final game AS a Yankee. I'm calling no-brainer here.
  3. Ruth was playing for the Yankees at the time this happened.
  4. This was taken during his Yankees days, presumably during the 1926 Cardinals.
  5. This was presumably taken in 1921. Ruth played for Yankees.

Well, more congratulations to Bo Rosny, who seems to have stolen the show in terms of cards being tossed his way here lately. Luckily, Thoughts & Sox was able to snag one of those Ruth cards!

The next foil pack is 2014 Topps Series Two

Jackie Bradley Jr Future Stars - Red Sox - Thoughts & Sox (Wahoo!!)
Yovani Gallardo - Brewers - Jacksonville Jobu (Wahoo!!)
Austin Jackson - Tigers - Ryan G (Wahoo!!)
Miguel Cabrera SaberStars - Tigers - Ryan G (Wahoo!! x2, Back-to-Back!!)
Adam Jones Blue Border - Orioles - Pedersej (Wahoo!!)
Mike Olt Blue Border - Cubs - The Sons of Diagoras (Wahoo!!)
Ian Kennedy - Padres - Marcus (Wahoo!!)
Christian Yelich All-Star Rookie - Marlins - BoRosny (Wahoo!!)

Wahoo!! It's good to see a variety of managers come back to fight for some cards. Haha! Congratulations, managers!

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  1. Awesome - thanks! I do have a package for you that is almost ready to send out.