Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - Packs 237-240 - More A&G Hobby Packs, No Mojo

Hello, everyone! Managers, check your email for the latest draft. We still LOTS of packs to break, so we will have the drafts run until we run out. Everyone will get a "No Skunk" chance before this is all said and done. Tonight, I have 4 packs of A&G Hobby I will share with you:

doug fister - nationals - captkirks42s (wahoo!!)
johnny cueto - reds - nachos grande (wahoo!!)
miguel cabrera - tigers - jacksonville jobu (wahoo!!)
clay buchholz starting point - red sox - pennsylvania bcs (wahoo!!)
henry every - hoist every flag mini - free agent

masahiro tanaka - yankees - saitama sushi (wahoo!!)
michael taylor - nationals - captkirk42s (wahoo!! x2)
kendall graveman - a's - superdupermen (wahoo!!)
ginter code card - jennings64 (wahoo!!)
melky cabrera - white sox - joliet convicts (wahoo!!)
marcell ozuna - marlins - new jersey hadsalls (wahoo!!)
marlon byrd - reds - eastern virginia mutts (wahoo!!)
dellin betances mini - yankees - bo rosny (wahoo!!)
buster posey starting point - giants - arpsmith (wahoo!!)
nick tropeano - angels - free agent

travis d'arnaud - mets - new jersey hadsalls (wahoo!! x2)
billy hamilton - reds - nachos grande (wahoo!! x2)
clay buchholz - red sox - pennsylvania bcs (wahoo!! x2)
sonny gray - a's - rjbreeze (wahoo!!)
andrew mccutchen - pirates - pennsylvania bcs (wahoo!! x3)
joe gatto - comedian - nachos grande (wahoo!! x3)
jacob degrom starting point - a's - rjbreeze (wahoo!! x2)
jayson werth mini AG back - nationals - captkirks42s (wahoo!! x3)
val kilmer - actor - free agent

grant balfour - rays - bo rosny (wahoo!! x2)
andrelton simmons - braves - cobb county superchickens (wahoo!!)
daniel murphy - mets - new jersey hadsalls (wahoo!! x3)
craig kimbrel - braves - captain canucks (wahoo!!)
curtis granderson - mets - new jersey hadsalls (wahoo!! x4)
four classical elements - what was believed - free agent

justin verlander mini - tigers - saitama sushi (wahoo!! x2)
mitch moreland - rangers - play at the plate (wahoo!!)
jonathan papelbon - phillies - thoughts and sox (wahoo!!)

Wow! We did not get many free agents out of these packs. Congratulations to everyone who got cards from here, especially those who pulled 3 and 4 cards! I'm doing something different and scanning in the free agents only. Why not?

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