Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - Pack 230 - The Balking Dead Rise from the Dead!

Hello, everyone!
  Welp, I finally got the recent draft done. Turned out to be only ONE draft instead of the two I had hoped. But, things will work out before all is said and done, so no worries there.  In the meantime, The Balking Dead *FINALLY* manage to grab a free agent. Oh, no, I'm sorry, they grabbed THREE free agents this time! I, on the other hand, was shut out - as were several others. Dang it.

This week's No Skunks were Stealing Home and Nachos Grande. Stealing Home did not submit an entry, so that bumped Grande to the top. Here is what things looked like before we drafted:

And this is what it sounds like when doves cry... er, I mean, this is what the results looked like after running the draft:

Congrats, managers! The full list has been updated. So, now I can whip out another draft.

Quick program note: I mentioned some time ago that I bought *TWO* Hobby boxes of Allen and Ginter that were going to be used for Gint-A-Cuffs. I opened the other box and quickly went through the cards and believe it would have done worse than my first box, so I did not submit/post that one. Instead, I will post the entire Hobby Box as a regular break here and let the cards fall as they may.

Now, let's open a pack for tonight! How about 2015 Gypsy Queen:

Corey Kluber - Indians (Wahoo!) - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!!)
Albert Pujols - Angels - Wilsons (Wahoo!!)
Tom Glavine - Braves - Captain Canucks (Wahoo!!)
Dan Haren - Marlins - Idaho Astros (Wahoo!!)
Lou Brock Mini Blue (072/199) - Cardinals - Wilsons (Wahoo!! x2)
Adrian Beltre - Rangers - Play at the Plate (Wahoo!! x2)

Wahoo!! We've knocked yet another Perfect Pack! And, we managed to get two managers to get 2 hits! Heck, we nearly had a mirror image thing going there. Congrats, everyone!

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