Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#PackADailyCircus - 077 - Skip two my Bowman?

Hello, everyone!

I managed to leave the box of 2015 Bowman at work - AGAIN! In my defense, I spent the day out of my office, broadcasting live online for a new program that a colleague and I have launched called EduTechGuys. We ran a live show from 8a-4p in the lobby of the venue hosting the Corwin Student Voice and Student Engagement Institute hosted by Southwest Arkansas Education Cooperative where I work. It was a LOT of fun! In fact, we will be doing it again for Day 2 on Thursday, June 11 from 8a-4pm CST. Feel free to listen in at

For tonight, I am opening a pack of cards and on Thursday night, I will finish the box! In fact, when I get to the office tomorrow, I will go straight to my office, grab the box and put it in my car.

So, let's bust some wax!

1987 Sportflics:

Jesse Barfield, Harold Baines, Dave Winfield AL Best RF - Blue Jays, White Sox, Yankees - Idaho Astros (Wahoo!!), Saitama Sushi (Wahoo!!), Arpsmith (Wahoo!!)

Buddy Bell - Reds - Free Agent
St Louis Cardinals Team Logo - Cardinals - Free Agent
Houston Astros Team Logo - Astros - Free Agent

Jesse Barfield - Blue Jays - Idaho Astros (Wahoo!! x2 - Same Player!)

Wow! Idaho Astros manage to pull the same player from two different cards. That's pretty cool! Now, remember, multi-player cards will be randomly handed to one of the owning managers. But, for the sake of scoring hits, it counts! Congrats to each manager scoring a hit here!

Man, Sportflics sure do make for weird scans...

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