Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Night of Beckett Q&A

On February 12, 2014, I decided to chime in on Beckett media's "Chatter Up" with Chris Olds.

Here are the questions I posed:

  • Which card set based on music (specific artists/groups, genres, whatever) was the WORST ever?
  • Aside from Box Busters, what cool things can Beckett do with video and collecting? Vodcasts with special guests, etc?
  • What's a non-sport wax set you'd like to see?
  • Back when Topps was putting protective coating on their cards, did you keep the coating on or remove it? I always removed it.
  • What's one sport you wish there were more wax product?
By far and away, the one with the most discussion was the one about video and collecting. Ultimately, it comes down to money and time. I believe a video-based hobby-related program is viable. I may start that as my own hobby - a hobby hobby, if you will.

What are your thoughts on the questions I asked? Feel free to reply below!


  1. 1. I think all of the music cards that I've seen have been the worst ever, but also amusingly cheesy. Promo photos of bands/musicians/artists/whatever are usually awful but sometimes hilarious.

    2. I don't ever look at card-related video. I guess I just don't have time for it.

    3. I'm not much for non-sports cards, but if well done, a Futurama set could be intriguing.

    4. I've always been a coating-on person for some reason. I can't really defend it, though.

    5. Does asking for more baseball licenses count?

    1. I say that without a doubt, yes, asking for more licenses counts!

  2. 1, all of them.
    2, I rarely ever watch videos. I can read a post in 15-20 seconds and move on... I just don't have the time to watch 3 minute videos unless I stop reading a bunch of blogs
    3. I love non-sports. Usually from my favourite tv shows...
    4. Depends on the card... I usually remove it.
    5. English soccer. Although letting Upper Deck produce licenced baseball would be nice.

    oh, and got this post just now, 5 days after you posted it.... I know I'm going to miss the holyunbelievablefreecarddraft...

    1. You won't miss anything (hopefully) this season. I plan to email participants when drafts are open so we don't have the "update" problem we've had in the past.

  3. 1. Justin Bieber. Yes I picked up a few singles as a joke.
    2. I'd much rather listen to a podcast. Multitasking and all that. Most of the box busters move the cards too quickly in front of the camera to be of any use to me.
    3. Non-sport? History of the Personal Computer. Or Generals of the Civil War. I think that one could create a nice set of modern planes in a Masterpieces or Ginter style.
    4. Leave them on. And then get a second copy that's been stripped for my player collection.
    5. Water polo. Or regular polo. On a serious note, horse racing. It has possibilities. Think of the parallel cards... Win, Place, or Show... Rose petal relic cards. Or a bit of horse hair from the mane or tail.