Tuesday, February 18, 2014

V-Day Cardboard @ShowYourHits

For Valentine's Day, Shan picked up a couple of 2013 Jumbo rack packs!  I am not going to post all the cards here, but did want to share the hits:

Out of the two packs, I snagged two Indians players: Brett Myers and Lonnie Chisenhall. I also managed to grab a home-stater in Cliff Lee! Wahoo!! Each pack had three "Walmart-only" blue-bordered cards. Here, I scanned Alberto Cabrera, Johan Santana, and Carlos Beltran. You can see a couple "Chasing History" and "Making Their Mark" inserts as well.

I also managed to snag a gold Luke Gregerson (the only gold in the packs) and a couple minis: Josh Hamilton and Stephen Strasburg. The awesome outfielder from da 'Burgh, Andrew McCutchen, also chimed in with a "Players Choice" insert! The other three blue-borders include Jeanmar Gomez, Michael Pineda, and Juan Lagares.  Of course, the "Piece of Resistance" (as they say in the Lego movie) is a freakin' awesome die cut of Rickey Henderson (Cut to the Chase)! That one goes into my Non-Tribers collection for sure!

I don't know how YOUR Valentine's Day went, but as far as store-bought gifts go, cardboard tops my list!  Well, and chocolate... and Nutter Butter Bites cookies... But, yeah, cardboard is right up there!! Wahoo!!

*My apologies to Cap'n Canuck for the 5-day delay this will undoubtedly follow. :-)

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  1. I received 10 packs of 2014 Topps for Valentine's Day and pulled a rose-colored parallel of Yasiel Puig in one of them.

    I win Valentine's Day.