Monday, January 6, 2014

Crackin' Wax: Secret Santa Sweet Surprises

If you've been paying attention to hobby-related blogs lately, you should be fully aware of Crackin' Wax's 2013 Secret Santa Soiree. There were at least 40 people that took part around the globe. How do I know it was around the globe? Well, the person I drew lived in another country. But, as it turns out, my secret Santa lived "down the road a piece" as they say here. My package came from North Little Rock, about 100 miles from my house!  My powers of deduction name my Santa as Patrick Smith, who took part in my pack-a-day giveaway and who, like all the other participants, has been patiently awaiting the arrival of their summer booty. That is coming. Right now, though, we're talking Tribecards Christmas!

Before I get started, I want to say a HUGE Thanks to Patrick for his gift!! I also want to thank Topher at Crackin' Wax for hosting this very cool idea!

The scans below are not in a particular order, though I think they did happen to fall in the order in which they appeared in the package. I can't vouch for that, though!

Let's talk Tribecards! How about an All-Sports USA Autographed Gaylord Perry to kick things off!?  Then, take a look at the different makes and models! This is a great selection of players and styles that kept me saying, "No way!" over and over!

Check out the super-cool "Pizzazz" cards! On top of that, we've got Fleer eX,  Aurora, Ultra, and many more!

There are Alomars, Carters, and Thomes galore!

How about Moments & Milestones, T205, Stadium Shots, die cuts, and freaking Perez sketches, too!

In fact, Patrick included a 1/1 Sizemore Perez sketch card! Holy smokes!  Now, I have to admit, the Chipper Jones threw me off.

Man, I am loving all these Indians cards!! Wahoo!!

Again, THANK YOU so much to Patrick for sending these Tribers my way for the Crackin' Wax Secret Santa Exchange!  I am looking forward to next year!