Sunday, January 26, 2014

Missing the Obvious #Tribecards

Here's the thing: I read the notes included with every package of cards that comes my way, but sometimes I don't READ the notes.

Such is the case with a box I got from P-Town Tom quite some time ago. You see, he sent a box of cards that have packs ready for busting in the next giveaway and had some Tribecards for my personal collection. In the note, he says, "A thank you (at bottom of box) for all the work you did this year," referring to last season's "Outer Space" giveaway.  I don't know why, but that bit escaped my inner synapses.

While cleaning up a few things for this season's break (and while STILL working through last season's), I removed the packs from the box and found three items at the bottom of the box:

Those are Exhibit Cards issues between 1947-1966! Included are Bob Lemon, Larry Doby and Dale Mitchell! These are awesome! I am a huge fan of actual vintage cards. I love finding little surprises, and this was certainly much more than a "little surprise!"

THANK YOU so much, P-Town Tom for these VERY cool cards!

*Note: Yes, I am still working through last season's giveaway mailouts. Oh, I know I promised Jan 10 as the mailout date, but that ship has sailed. Last season's participants WILL get their cards/packages, I promise. I am just not promising a date. Just know that when they do arrive, it will be like getting a little hobby bonus - or something like that.  For what it is worth, the next giveaway will have a much better, and more frequent distribution system attached to it.  Many of you have probably forgotten what players/cards you snagged by now!


  1. Oh, boy! That's pretty funny that you didn't find them until now. I guess I need to be more careful about where I "hide" cards when packaging them up. I'm glad the Exhibit cards have found a good home. :-)

  2. Nice. I've been working on a Boudreau collection a bit and I'm sure there's one of him out there. It's on my want list.