Sunday, October 16, 2011

Well, it ain't weekly...

A couple weeks ago, I chided myself for posting about once a week.  Then, posting stopped altogether.  Who knows.

What I can say is that I received a bubbleope full of Indians cards from Kerry Biggs this week! Wahoo!!

I will be posting the full package later today, but thought I would throw in a little teaser:

On another note, I have no illusions of grandeur when it comes to my fantasy football skills - I know my teams (no matter what sport) will struggle to stay out of last place.  But, like any team owner, any win is a great feeling.

The TurfDiggers are now 1-4-0 with a loss last week.  Given the state of Tribecards lately, it is no surprise that the one week I do *not* post anything, the team had won that week.Ah, what a strange bird am I.

The Dive Bombers actually *did* win last week, bringing their record to 1-3-0 and putting them in 9th place overall (out of 14 teams). 

A freind of mine said, "Fantasy football has runied the game.  People don't root for teams anymore, just the players on their fantasy teams."  This was his observation after watching a game at a bar a few weeks ago.  While there may be some truth to that, I believe folks still have their favorite team.  Of course, part of his comment deals with the individual performances of the players as well.  Even if one has players from one's favorite team, when those players don't do well, the comments are often directed toward fantasy points rather than the actual player's demonstration.  Before widespread fantasy sports, only the truly stat-oriented followers gave a rip about all the numbers involved.  For me, I just watched and hope the steelers were going to pummel whatever team they were playing that week and held the same hopes that Dallas would suffer at the hands of thier weekly opponent.  Nowadays, I still feel that way, except that I have Dallas players on my fantasy team.  So, while I want the team to lose, it sure would be nice if "my guys" would have a great game anyway.

For those that don't know - I grew up in/around Pittsburgh and have been a die-hard Steelers fan since before I knew what a football was.  Watching the rivalry between the Steelers and Cowboys in the 70's, I have no love loss anytime the Cowboys crash and burn.

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