Friday, June 10, 2011

Win a chance to play catch... with a football player?

Yeah, you read that correctly.  The Indians are taking names for a chance to play catch on-field at Jacob's, er Progressive, Field on Father's Day.  Will the winner(s) play catch with a current Indians player? No.  I know, I know, how about a former player? Nope.  Who then?  The winner(s) get to catch a football on-field with HOFer Joe DeLamielluere.  No offense to Mr. DeLamielluere, but I had no idea who he was until I researched him for this post.  I'll let you Google him. After all, my issue here is the concept.

On Father's Day, some lucky winner will get to play catch with the HOFer after the baseball game.  Oh, and the promotion on Father's Day is this: The first 7000 kids under 12 get a free pass to the Hall of Fame... The FOOTBALL Hall of Fame.  And, the kids get a free pack of Panini Adrenyln football cards.  At the Indians game.  On Father's Day.  Am I the only one that sees this a great injustice to America's Pasttime?  I mean, come on.  The Indians are playing the Pirates that day.  Why not get one of the Tribers to throw a few balls after the game?  How about snagging any one of the hundreds of former Indians (or a few dozen for that matter) to play catch?  And, what's up with football cards at a baseball game?  I foresee a lot of cardboard going to the trash bins and/or to the stadium floors to be trampled like discarded toilet paper stuck to the bottom of one's shoe.

Maybe it's just the semi-purist in me, but I think the Indians, the Browns, and the FBHOF missed the boat on this one.  Does baseball really need such a booster shot in the arm that they have to bring in a football HOFer to try and rally the crowds to come out on Father's Day?  And, DOES that rally the crowds? 

Well, if you're interested, here is the contest info and entry form.  And, if you win, tell 'em Tribecards sent you. That'll confuse them instead.

Football and baseball collide on this ridiculous 1990 Score Bo Jackson (image from Capewood's Collections):

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