Friday, June 10, 2011

Buck-A-Box: Mailed Out, Finally! ..and rambling..

Hey everyone!  My apologies for the folks that participated in the Buck-A-Box Break, but I was just today (Friday) able to mail out your bubbleopes!  Things were too busy at work for me to get them mailed during lunch as I had planned.  Luckily, we are off on Fridays since we work longer weekdays.  That means you had to wait just a few more days than I had originally planned to ship them off.

I have to get an address from MattR, which amazes me considering how much trading/giveaway we've done over the years.  Chalk it up to my aging, I guess.

Everyone else is good to go.  After a quick review of notes, I realized I did not send the mini sportflics trivia cards from Mark to Paul.  So, you two will have to work that out between you.

Not that I've been posting with any consistency lately anyway, I thought I would say that Tribecards may be a bit slow this coming week as the family will be heading to Washington, DC, for our annual "Let's get out of Arkansas" vacation!  We will be taking in a Nationals game while we're there! 

One of the biggest additions we made to our vacations is baseball game attendance!  Starting with our trip to Chicago in 2005 (we watched the Sox since the Cubs were out of town), we've made sure that we catch a game during our time away from home.  We did miss the year we went to Disney World, but you won't hear us complain on that one!

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  1. I got my set today! I had actually forgotten about the break, which made getting the cards in the mail the best mailday I've had in a long time. It was a total hilarious trip going through this envelope of really weird cards (and bowman/ginter) that I'd never seen before.

    Rafael Palmeiro's face is soooo creepy!