Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FTC: 1979 Sportscaster Andre Thornton

Between 1977 and 1979, collectors could subscribe to a series of multisport cards from Sportscaster.  These cards feature large pictures, rounded corners, and measure about 4.5 x 6 inches.  I have no idea what the little symbols (icons) mean, other than the one indicating the sport.  This card reminds me of those animal cards I used to get in the mail every once in a while.  The copyright info says: (c)1979 Edito-Service S.A., Geneva A, Photo Jerry Wachter - Focus on Sports, Printed in Italy, 03 005 53-07.

After a little research, I found that the last two numbers (53-07) serve as the card number.  The first part is the "series" number and the second is the card number within that series.

The card backs feature a rather lengthy write-up about the player/item featured on the front. 

I picked the Thornton up on eBay on the cheap and snagged it because I had not seen these before.

Now, if you want to see what the massive 2,184-card set entails, just head over to http://www.sportscastercards.com/ and take a look through an entire database of each of the cards produced in this collection. 

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