Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tribe starting line-up unveiled

The starting line up for Friday's home/season opener has been released:

A. Cabrera
O. Cabrera

Notice the lack of Sizemore there?  Yeah, he is on the disabled list for a knee injury.  He has had a slew of injuries, keeping him far, far away from him prime playing days.  I hope he can get (AND STAY) healthy.  On the other hand, if he can't, the Indians rally need to consider other directions for him and the team.

Speaking of other directions, the Tribe released Jayson Nix to the Blue Jays.  Somehow, I see a Joe Carter moment here.  Though Nix did not do well in the Spring for the Tribe, I see him maturing into something of a force to be reckoned with.  Of course, I have no basis nor track record with these things.  Oh wait. Yes I do.  Can you say Jim Thome?

Speaking of Thome, here he is talking Opening Day:

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