Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Turfdiggers Tuesday

It's official - the Turfdiggers squeeze out a win over the Foxhounds in the Super Secret League, giving the team a 5th place overall finish on the season.  The team scored just 4.11 points more than their opponent to snag the 5th place finish.

The final season standings look like this:

League Champion - Seymour Bengals
2nd - Florida Vikings
3rd - East TN Roadkill
4th - The Red Grange Halls
5th - Tribecards Turfdiggers
6th - Fighting Foxhounds
7th - Gold Sox
8th - Stumbling Blox

The final standings show what a difference one or two weeks can make. The Halls led the league for much (if not all) of the season, only to fall during the playoffs to 4th place. I have to admit, I was totally surprised to see that. Equally surprising? The Stumbling Blox ended up in last. By all accounts, either the Turfdiggers or the Foxhounds "belong" at the bottom. Alas, just like in "real life," the playoffs can change everything.

The Turfdiggers started off pretty well, but quickly headed into a free fall during some of the most critical games of the season.  Things eventually slowed after a nearly complete reworking of the team, but that like putting an adhesive bandage on a broken nose.

I want to thank Mark for inviting the team back again this season!  It was a lot of fun!

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  1. --David,

    It was my pleasure to have you in the league. You'll be invited back next season. One of the 'problems' with the SSL is that once you're in, it is very difficult to get out.