Sunday, January 23, 2011

A new blog in town

Mark, over at Mark's Ephemera, has launched a new blog called, "Got it. Got it. Need it."  This new site will host collectors' want lists - up to five (5) per participant.   The list can include certain players, teams, or sets.

Each time a comment is left regarding a collector's top five wants, Mark will post that list to the blog with a link to that person's site, email, or whatever preferred method of contact the person wants. 

Since card blogging emerged circa 2006, several attempts at this type of blog have emerged.  One that sticks out in my mind is one in which collectors posted photoshopped "Wanted" posters with the card they want.  Ironically, I cannot for the life of me find the site or remember the name, though I am pretty sure it is/was in my "Clubhouse" list.  I believe Google has made me an idiot in this regard.

If you're a collector and have certain players, teams, sets, etc that you're trying to collect, stop on by Mark's new site!  Likewise, if you have cards to share, you might want to head over to the site and find out what other folks are looking to add to their own collections!


  1. I believe it is "Cardboard APB". AdamE and BA Benny are contributors, if you want to try and find it.

  2. Whew! Yes, that's it! I don't know why that failed my memory... Thanks for the save!

  3. jv from treasure never buried also tried something like this with 'have-want'